Extemp Commentary

Extemp Commentary is an event that is only at a handful of tournaments. Not performed at either of the national tournaments, Commentary has made it's way into some state tournaments. Here is the low down on commentary:

It's similar to extemp in that students are given 30 minutes to prepare a speech and has a similar (if less rigid) structure. It's different from extemp in that 1) commentary presenters give their speech while sitting down, 2) commentary topics are phrases, not questions, 3) The speech maximum is 5 minutes, not 7 and 4) students are expected to give their opinions, or commentate on the given subject matter, given that the ideas presented must stray far away from being at all offensive. 


Practice Commentary Prompts   - typed up in a way that is ready to be cut into individual prompts for students to use.

The vague Commentary outline 

Example of a Commentary Ballot - See what the judges see, this is a ballot from the Pennsylvania State Speech League.*

Commentary Master Ballot - See the rules that judges are given, a top sheet from the Pennsylvania State Speech League. *


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