Parliamentary Debate

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Parliamentary Debate (PHSSL RULES) is a three on three debate in which opponents delve into an issue.  In this debate the government and opposition are on opposite sides of an issue. The resolutions are often worded as 'This House believes' which opens up the definitions a great deal, even to the extent of who the GOV is advocating as. 

Basic Debate Guidelines: 

  • Debate should be logical, well reasoned, and have a well thought out case.

  • Debate should stay within the specified Time Limits.

  • Debate should present two distinct sides or 'clash' on the issue.

  • Debate should be presented with clarity, forethought, and a solid understanding of language.

Key Info to Know 

The topics are worded as 'resolutions,' meaning that the debaters are solving a problem. They do this by advocating a position. 

Some Handouts for Parliamentary Debate

Practice Parli Topics

More Practice Parli Topics

How to use each speech  - This is a handout used to help debaters know how to use the time in each of his or her speeches. 

Debate Clash Chart - A simple graphic organizer so that students can begin seeing how clash should be presented in round. 

Impact Analysis Chart - A basic chart designed to help students figure out how to weigh impacts in the round. 

Flowing - Flowing is one of the most important aspect of in round debating. Keeping notes in round to know what you and your opponent are both saying means that you know what arguments to bring up. We also have a What is Flowing handout for those new to the debate world.

The timing (PHSSL rules) is as follows: 

6 minute →  GOV                               Prime Minister Speech

6 minute →  OPP                               Leader of Opposition Speech

6 minute →  GOV                              1st Member of Government

6 minute → OPP                               1st Member of Opposition

6 minute → GOV                               2nd Member of Government

6 minute → OPP                                2nd Member of Opposition

3 minute → OPP                                 Rebuttal (leader of Opp or Opp 1)

3 minute → GOV                                Rebuttal; (leader of Gov or Gov 1)

Official PHSSL Ballot*

Topicality - A Stock Issue and how to attack it.

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