Resources for Coaches 

Speech and Debate coaches are all too often working with small budgets and big enthusiasm. This is a resource to help make some of the coaching woes a little easier. We also appreciate any support in terms of donations and even subscribers


Administrator Help

Any Speech and Debate Coach knows that without the Administration on board, there is no team. Without funding for registration fees and travel expenses, then students aren't able to compete. This is a resource for coaches looking for more support from their administrations and principals. 

Tournament Help

Running an invitational is time consuming, thankless, and tedious. However, it is also one of the most consistent fundraisers that teams can count on year after year. Here you will find checklists, how-tos, and some strategies for making your tournament a success.  


Other Resources

The National Speech and Debate Honor Society is a great resource to help administrators notice the hard work of your students. It includes graduation cords, and an induction ceremony. 

Writing a Press Release Is another great way to get your administrators and parents smiling. 

Papers and Handouts you didn't even know you needed or wanted. Or, check out the events page, which will have even more printable material.  

NEW - Teaching materials Page that includes power points and lesson plans.

Weekly Extemp Questions and other rotating material that is also placed in other parts of the site can be found here. This includes our weekly warm-ups - a great way to start practice and keep everything fresh for the students. 

Team Building Games can be great for practice, long car rides, and even to fill time at tournaments. Some of the ones we suggest are Apples to Apples, Code Names, and our favorite practice filler, Superfight. In Superfight students argue over who would win in a fight - an octopus with machine gun arms or an army of gnomes that can turn invisible  (or whatever the cards say). This is a very fun game that actually encourages debate skills. If you're looking for these games, the amazon links are below, and purchasing through our links helps to support forensics education!