Updating Content

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To see the newest info, here's where to look: 

We just added a What is Flowing handout for those who are looking for some insight into this necessary debate skill. Check out our debate pages on the events page for more in-depth debate handouts too.

There’s a new handout on debate flows.

Student Congress Page - There are two new documents up on this page, both are there to help you write your bill. The first is a basic outline, and the second is a template for writing.

Teaching Content - A new page that is set up for coaches, but can be good for students just figuring this forensics thing out. Our first lesson is up - The Basics. It includes a power point, as well as handouts.

Debate Games - Here are some fun games to help with bonding and debate skills in a fun way. 

Parliamentary Debate Page - We've been doing a lot of work on this page recently, we've loaded some practice Parli topics, A debate Clash Chart, and we're working on a general Parli Things To Know Handout that will be coming soon! 

Coaches Handouts  - We know that this time of year there's a tendency to hit a kind of 'slump' with oratory and interp pieces. We've recently put up a hand out full of some exercises to keep pieces fresh before nats. 

Debate Terms to Know have been added to both the LD and PF pages. Plus, we've been adding impact and harms charts to all debate pages. 

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