Questions for the week of September 30th

Extemp Questions: Impeachment Edition

This week, in light of the historic announcement of an impeachment inquiry, all questions will be related to this topic.


Should Nancy Pelosi have launched an official impeachment inquiry?

Will Donald Trump’s victim narrative about the impeachment inquiry help him politically with his base?

Should President Trump be allowed to interrogate the whistleblower?


Will Ukraine provide political cover for Donald Trump in an attempt to gain political favor?

Does China have any reason to help investigate Biden as President Trump asked?

Will Ukraine itself receive any backlash from their involvement in Trump’s “do us a favor” controversy?

Questions for the week of September 16th


What effect will California’s law mandating gig economy companies reclassify workers as employees rather than contractors have on startups?

What does the departure of National Security Advisor John Bolton mean for the Trump White House?

Does the Justice Department gain anything from suing Edward Snowden?


Will Justin Trudeau still be the Prime Minister of Canada after the general election on October 21st?

Will international pressure spur China to ease its suppression of freedoms?

What can the international community do to help Burkina Faso stabilize in the face of jihadists as it transitions to a democracy?

Questions for the week of September 9th


With America pulling out of peace talks with the Taliban, what does that mean for our long-term engagement in the Middle East?

Should changes in election law be made following the vote-rigging scandal in North Carolina's 9th congressional district?

What should be the reaction to “straight pride” parades?


What does the outcome of Russia’s local elections mean for Vladimir Putin?

Now that Robert Mugabe has died, what lessons should be learned from his time in power?

Were enough appropriate measures taken to prepare for Hurricane Dorian?