Questions for the Week of August 13th


Does the margin of victory in the special election for the congressional seat in Ohio mean anything for the Democratic party as a whole?

Were Apple, Facebook and YouTube right to ban Alex Jones' content from their platforms?

Should school summer break be shortened to help minimize "summer learning loss"?



Will the attempted assassination of Venezuela's President lead to any meaningful economic reform to soothe protestors?

What effect will President Trump's Iranian sanctions have on the global economy?

Is a formal end to the Korean War in sight?

Questions for the Week of August 6th


Will Google's development of a censored version of their search engine for access to the Chinese market hurt their brand in America?

Is Trump justified to threaten a government shutdown if Congress doesn't fund a border wall?

Is Facebook doing enough to thwart political disinformation on its platform?



What steps can Mexico take to battle its rising murder rate?

Will Malcolm Turnbull survive the next round of Australian elections? 

What does the indictment of Chinese regulator Lu Wei mean for Xi Jinping's administration?


Summer Extemp Question Extravaganza!


Are President Trump's tariffs working as intended?

Was the 12 billion dollar relief package for farmers the right move in the face of agricultural tariffs by foreign governments?

Should American steel and aluminum manufactures be getting their own subsidized relief package?

What can legislators do to ease gas prices?

Is the repealing of Obama-era guidelines for colleges to take into account race during the admissions process a cause for concern?

What does having a solidly conservative Supreme Court mean for the future of our country?

If Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court, will Roe v Wade be overturned?

Will Starbucks' plan to phase out plastic straws have an effect on the retail industry's shift to more environmental practices?

Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders an effective Press Secretary?

Should the Federal Reserve leave interest rates where they are?

What can republicans do to attract female voters back to their political party?

What can democrats do to attract white male voters to their political party?

Is national protectionism a better economic model for America than globalization?   

Should the government place restrictions on blueprints for 3D printed guns? 

Is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo successful in his handling of North Korean disarmament? 

How can we shrink the widening wage gap between white and black men?

What approach can America undertake to regain its leadership role in the world?

Is Andrew Wheeler a good choice for head of the Environmental Protection Agency?

Are calls of collusion between President Trump and Russia overstated?

With the Supreme Court ruling in Janus v AFSCME, are unions now obsolete?





What can French President Macron do to calm the scandal involving his bodyguard beating up a protester?

Is the ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo actually contained?

Should the results of the recent election in Pakistan be believed?

With tensions again flaring in Syria, what can be done to help end the conflict?

What steps can be taken to end the civil war in South Sudan?

Is Pablo Casado the right leader for Spain's People's Party?

Can anything be done to ease Venezuela's skyrocketing inflation rate?

Is the peace deal between Columbia and FARC working as intended?

With an official declaration of peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea, what can be done to solidify their armistice?

Should Daniel Ortega step down as President of Nicaragua?

What does the Economic Partnership Agreement signed between Japan and the European Union mean for global trade relations?

Will Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador be an effective President of Mexico?

Is Donald Trump right to demand that all NATO countries meet their agreement to 2% of GDP spending on defense?

Should the World Trade Organization be reformed? 

Is Prime Minister Theresa May negotiating the best Brexit for her citizens?

Will Italy leave the European Union?

What does the fine levied on Google by the EU mean for the relationship between governments and technology giants?

Will China or America win the intensifying trade war?

What can be done to mend Iraq's sub-standard infrastructure?

Can Angela Merkel maintain leadership in Germany?