Questions for the Week of December 17th


Should chief of staff John Kelly have been removed?

Will William Barr be an Attorney General that President Trump can work with?

Will the cancellation of $150 million in student loan debt help Trump attract democratic voters?


Is French President Macron giving away too many concessions to the protestors in his country?

Should British Prime Minister Theresa May have survived her vote of no confidence?

Is Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer a good choice to lead Germany’s Christian Democratic Union?

Questions for the Week of December 10th


Should there be an entirely new election held for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District?

With an increase of two seats coming in January, what should Senate Republicans focus on in the new term?

Who should Democrats elect to be the new Speaker of the House?


Will Prime Minister May be able to drum up support for her Brexit deal now that the Treasury has released GDP estimates for the plan?

Are tensions actually easing between China and the US regarding economic policy?

Were the results of the election in Taiwan surprising?

Questions for the Week of December 3rd


What does the passing of President H. W. Bush mean for the country?

How can Trump work with Democrats to accomplish their shared goals?

What can be done to help improve the stock market?


Who will succeed Angela Merkel as Chancellor of Germany?

What can be done to ease tensions in France over rising fuel prices?

Will Mexico’s new president be able to change the country in the way he wants?