Questions for the week of June 10th

Good luck at NSDA Nationals in Dallas, Texas!


Is the border security agreement newly brokered by the United States and Mexico going to achieve the goals it set out to accomplish?

 Should republicans be worried about polling that shows Donald Trump losing to many different potential democratic challengers in head-to-head match ups?

 Does President Trump want the House to open an impeachment inquiry against him?



Will South Korea’s youth battling the social and economic hierarchy of their country lead to positive change?

What can the Brazilian government do to remove control of territory from militias?

Is Hong Kong becoming the smartest financial market to list a company’s IPO?

Questions for the week of May 27th


Why is abortion becoming such a mainstay of politics in 2019 when the topic wasn’t as prevalent just a few years ago?

Will the tariffs imposed on Mexico have the intended effects President Trump desires?

What should the Department of Health do to tackle the measles epidemic?


Did Prime Minister May make the right choice by resigning?

With wins for Prime Minister Modi’s party in India being the latest example, is nationalism the most effective political strategy of 2019?

Should European countries be as accepting of Chinese firm Huawei’s expansion?

Questions for the week of May 20th


What should President Trump do to resolve tensions with Iran?

Are “heartbeat” bills a winning strategy more Republicans should be backing?

Now that it’s listed, did Uber make the right call by going public?


What has fueled Rodrigo Duterte’s party to win such electoral gains in the Philippines?

is the African National Congress losing power in South Africa?

Is it politically smarter for Chinese President Xi Jinping to embrace or avoid a trade war with America?