Please note: 4n6u is in transition. We are working on getting content up as quickly as we can, but we have very grand plans, and we are a volunteer program. Please be patient with us as we start to get things up as efficiently as possible. 

Brief Overview

Declamation is an event geared towards helping students learn the basics of presenting a speech. This is an event that is limited to freshmen and sophomores in high school (or younger), with the expressed intent of getting these novices off the ground. 

Judging Criteria

In Depth Approach

Declamation has two components: choosing a speech, and presentation skills. Choosing a speech is often up the coach, because often those students that are interested in doing declamation are novices learning what forensics is all about. 

The presentation skills are a little more complex. These include vocal control, physical presentation, and memorization skills. 

End Game and Extras

Keeping it Fresh - Sometimes, when we've done a piece for a while, it can start to feel a little stale. Here are some exercises to help keep those pieces exciting!  

How to Write an Intro - writing an intro is necessary for all interp events. Here's how to get over the scary prospect of writing that intro. 

Character Analysis - When doing a piece, there's a great deal of depth that can be found from doing a character analysis.