Tournament Help

Running a Tournament is an all-encompassing and fully engrossing endeavor. We know the benefits of a well run tournament, and hope to help Tournament Directors that might be about to take on the huge task. There are documents here that might help anyone from the novice tournament director to the experienced. If there is a document that you're looking for that isn't here, or have something that we should add, please send us an email at We'd love to accommodate you.

We've split the documents below into three categories, based on the level of tournament that you might be running. The Necessities are those lists and documents that will help any tournament, even one that is bare bones. A Nice Addition is the heading above those documents that make you a better, more aware host. And Totally Frivolous heads those documents that are cute, and even somewhat silly. 

In addition to some of the documents below, you'll also need a way to disseminate your invite and tabulate your tournament. The two most ubiquitous methods for that at the time are and Joy of Tournaments. Both are services, so you might have to pay for their use, but they cut down on your time spent tremendously. 

A Nice Addition 

Advanced Checklist 

Smart Board/Do Not Write Sheet - Cause you never know. 

Classroom Door Signage

Room Thank Yous - to leave in the classrooms you use after the tournament as a thanks to the teachers. (Two per page, cause we like to conserve paper)

How to Double Enter - Competitors POV (In case your tournament Allows Double Entry) (Two per page, cause we like to conserve paper)

Totally Frivolous 

The Shallot is something fun we did for our tournament, and it was really well received.