Handouts and Forms 

As a Coach, there are way too many things to balance. Between Administrator needs, tournament registrations and travel arrangements, and student needs, we are pulled in a variety of different directions. Here are some teaching handouts that we hope can help you on the path to success, and maybe make your jobs a little easier. 


These are just some of the basics. For more handouts/more specifics, see the Page for the specific event that you're looking for.

How to Write an Interp Intro

Interp Character Analysis

Starting an OO 

Transition Words for Variance

Standard Congress Motions

Lincoln Douglas Basics  

Public Forum Basics 

Practice Parliamentary Debate Topics

Coaching and Team Building

Some different handouts to help with team building and general competitor improvement. 

Exercises for Keeping Performances Fresh

Articulation Practice Worksheet

Debate Games and Exercises

Fun Practice Debate Topics - when you're looking for a fun practice. 

Team Etiquette 

Handouts that help with the day-to-day managing of a team. 

First Practice Handout

Forensics Lexicon

What to Expect at your first Tournament

Team Contract Example

Team Policies Example

Tournament Sign Up Sheet (So you can keep track of which students are attending which tournaments)  

Teammate Ballot (When teammates are watching each other, so that you maximize the time)