Original Oratory 

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Original Oratory is an event in which Students prepare original orations, usually persuasive or informative on a current topic. Any topic is permissible and any form of oration is permitted. The presentation must be memorized, with a maximum length of ten minutes.

Oratory is that event which most 'non-speechies' think of when they think of the word 'speech.' That is to say, this is the event in which students write and present a speech of original content and research. 

Oratory Handouts 

How to Start an Oratory 

Transition Words for Variance 

Keeping it from getting Stale

What are Time Signals

Some Oratory Examples                                  

Looking to know what a finished speech might look like? Here are some finished speeches for those learning to look over: 

Personality Spectrum OO 

Evolution of Gender Dress OO