XT Q's from Tournament on January 26, 2019 (Post 4 of 4)


Is continuation of DACA good immigration policy?

How has the government shutdown affected border security?

Is border security a national security emergency?

What changes in the current practices would have a significant effect or border security?

What lessons did we learn from the most recent “caravan” to reach the US/Mexico border?

What actions to enhance border security are most likely to receive bipartisan support?

What are the major weaknesses in current US Immigration policy?

Are US Immigration policies examples of institutional racism?

Why is the focus on Muslim immigration now receiving less attention?

Should undocumented immigrants have access to government-subsidized health care?

Should immigrants be automatically deported if convicted of a felony?

What is the best term to use about someone currently in the United States illegally?

Does the US do a good enough job vetting people who enter the US legally?

Should children of undocumented immigrants be permitted to attend US Public Schools?

XT Q's from Tournament on January 26, 2019 (Post 3 of 4)


Is the US government shutdown good news for Russia?

What are Putin’s primary goals for Russia?

What is the best plan to minimize the effectiveness of Russian efforts to influence US elections?

What is the biggest threat that China poses to US interests?

How should Canada respond to the latest tensing of relations with China?

What is the best response to China’s treatment of Christians in that nation?

Has the status of women in India changed significantly in recent years?

Will testy relations between Canada and China have any significant impact on the world’s political climate?

Does Putin have any leverage on President Trump?

Can the LBGTQ community be protected from violence in Russia and Asia?

Are Russia and the NRA too cozy?

Will Ukraine continue to exist as a nation?

What latest trend in Japan is most likely to migrate to the US?

Why is North Korea less present in the news than a year ago?

XT Q's from Tournament on January 26, 2019 (Post 2 of 4)


Do shows like “Real Time With Bill Maher” and “Last Week Tonight” affect US voter behavior?

Was the coverage of the Covington High School student incident ultimately fair?

Is it essential for Facebook to increase public trust in its information security practices or is Facebook so imbedded in culture that it doesn’t really matter?

How can news media outlets increase public trust in the accuracy of their reports?

Why is the Fox News viewer base so fiercely loyal?

Where do people who say they mistrust media get most of their information?

Is real time fact checking a realistic expectation from the media?

Is investigation of wrongdoing of a public official justified, even if the original source of the accusation is questionable?

If President Trump’s tweets are already widely-read, does media coverage of them serve any purpose?

Will media coverage be more helpful or harmful for women seeking the Presidency?

How can the media be motivated to value being accurate over being first?

Do Facebook’s apologies for data mismanagement ring hollow now?

Is Buzzfeed a credible news source?