Questions for the Week of December 31st


Will President Trump be able to work with Speaker Pelosi to get laws passed?

What is President George H.W. Bush’s legacy?

Will Senator Romney’s harsh criticism of President Trump damage himself or the President more?


What steps can Venezuela take to stop the exodus of international companies?

Is Japan doing enough to ease the country’s labor shortage?

Did OPEC and Russia make the right decision when they decided to cut oil production?

Questions for the Week of December 24th


How much of an impact will the Trump administration’s roll back of the Clean Water Act have on waters of the United States?

What does the Texas federal judge ruling that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional mean for the future of the law?

Who should be blamed for the partial government shutdown? 


Can the United States do anything to curtail the repercussions China is imposing on Canada due to the US-Chinese trade war?

What impact will the Vox party of Spain have on immigration laws in the country?

How can the international community spur Somalia’s progress?

Questions for the Week of December 17th


Should chief of staff John Kelly have been removed?

Will William Barr be an Attorney General that President Trump can work with?

Will the cancellation of $150 million in student loan debt help Trump attract democratic voters?


Is French President Macron giving away too many concessions to the protestors in his country?

Should British Prime Minister Theresa May have survived her vote of no confidence?

Is Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer a good choice to lead Germany’s Christian Democratic Union?