Questions for the Week of September 17th


Is the Trump administration doing enough to respond to Hurricane Florence? 

How can head of the FDA Scott Gottlieb tackle the "epidemic" of teen e-cigarette use?

With blue collar jobs growing at their fastest rate in 30 years, why is Trump's approval rating declining?



Would Theresa May survive a no-confidence vote if Members of Parliament decide to hold one?

Will Hungary reverse its anti-democratic behavior in the face of official condemnation by the European Parliament?

Is Malaysia's push back against Chinese "colonialism" a blueprint for other Asian countries?

Questions for the Week of September 10th


Is Kavanaugh facing more backlash in the Senate than he should be?

Will the bipartisanship shown in the Senate over the opioid bill translate into a closer working relationship between Democrats and Republicans?

Should the New York Times reveal the author of the "resistance" op-ed column for national security reasons?



Should the international community be concerned over the joint military exercises being held between China and Russia?

What can countries do to reverse the trend of rising hunger across the world?

Are the snow storms that hit Africa the new normal that should be addressed, or an isolated incident?  

Questions for the Week of September 3rd


What does John McCain's passing mean for the Republican party?

Should the Trump administration try to revive the North Korean nuclear talks?

Will the revised version of NAFTA be passed by all three countries?

Will scrapping the Clean Power Plan have an impact on coal production in America?

How will Republicans be effected by the redrawing of North Carolina's congressional districts? 




What does the resignation of Alex Salmond over sexual misconduct claims mean for the fight for Scottish independence? 

Was Venezuela's decision to create a new currency the right move to address their economic issues?

What should Scott Morrison focus on as new Prime Minister of Australia?

What steps can be taken to battle the measles outbreak in Europe? 

With economic repercussions now settling in, will Iran cave to American sanction?

How will Taiwan be effected by El Salvador switching its diplomatic relations to China?