Post Midterms Question Dump

What should Democrats prioritize once they take take control of the House in January?

Do celebrity endorsements have a significant effect on U.S. elections?

Should the Republican Party move further to the right?

What are the most effective strategies to increase voter turnout?

Were the Parkland High School activists a significant political force?

Who will be the “rising star” for Democrats in 2019?

With a divided majority in the House and Senate, will anything of substance be accomplished in 2019?

What does a Democrat winning Governor of Kansas mean for the party’s prospects in the heartland of America?

Did pre-election polling better match actual results during this election cycle?

Are the Florida recounts being conducted fairly?

Is truthfulness more of a political advantage or disadvantage in U.S. politics today?

Questions for the Week of November 5th


Were the midterm elections more of a blue wave or red wave?

What are the political impacts of Trump’s removal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions?

What’s next for Beto O’Rourke?


Should Chinese President Xi’s promise to open China’s consumer markets be believed?

What will be the effect of the reinstatement of U.S. Sanctions on Iran?

How will Brexit affect the relationship between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland?

Questions for the Week of October 29th


What does the Trump administration’s removal of “transgender” as a legal identity mean for the LGBT+ community?

Should the American education system get rid of the SATs?

Should the Democratic Party move further to the left?


What effect does “the migrant caravan” have on the countries the migrants are leaving?

What steps can be taken to ensure that future elections in Afghanistan are safer for the voting public?

Is Taiwan finally going to declare independence from China?