Lincoln Douglas Debate

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Lincoln-Douglas Debate is a one on one debate in which opponents delve into a value issue.  This debate is that which is probably the most diverse among geographic lines. Some areas have begun making this a more policy-esque debate, while other areas have kept it value. 

Basic Debate Guidelines: 

  • Debate should be logical, well reasoned, and have a well thought out case.

  • Debate should stay within the specified Time Limits.

  • Debate should present two distinct sides or 'clash' on the issue.

  • Debate should be presented with clarity, forethought, and a solid understanding of language.

Key Info to Know 

The topics are worded as 'resolutions,' meaning that the debaters are solving a problem. They do this by advocating a position. 

Some Handouts for Lincoln-Douglas 

How to use each speech  - This is a handout used to help debaters know how to use the time in each of his or her speeches. 

Cross Examination - How to attack it.  - This handout is used to help students get a little more comfortable with the cross ex portion of debate. 

Some LD Terms to Know

Debate Clash Chart - A simple graphic organizer so that students can begin to visualize what clash should look like in round. 

Impact Analysis Chart - A basic chart designed to help students figure out how to weigh impacts in the round.