Weekly Extemp Questions 

Extemp Questions, updated on Monday mornings, are a mix of domestic and international politics. There will be easy, medium, and at least one hard question in the mix. They are up-to-date with the current news cycle and include ideas and concepts that good debaters will be filing. 


Quotation of the Week

The Quotation of the Week is always going to be something related to Speech, Communication, or Education. These update Tuesday mornings, and sometimes include the 'why' of the quotation, or what we can learn from it. Our Quotations update on Tuesday mornings. 


Weekly Warm-Up

The weekly warm-up is to help keep the committed forensics student from getting bored with their practice routine. These might be tongue teasers, games, or phrases, but all will include the why of how it helps, and the benefits of including it in a daily (or weekly) routine. Wednesday mornings will find new quotations. 


Blog Post

Our weekly Blog discusses things that are relevant to forensics, and most specifically forensics education. It discusses the ideas, concepts, and thoughts we can be learning from, and helps to think about some of the parts of forensics that we sometimes take for granted. This blog posts on Thursday mornings.