Teaching Forensics

We at 4n6U know that teaching forensics can be difficult and time consuming - it’s such a wild beast with a ton of small minutia and technicalities, that it can be difficult to even know where to begin. Hopefully some of the resources on this page help with that.

The Basics

This can be a really good place to start, no matter if you’re looking for your first lecture, or even getting started yourself. Here’s the getting started power point to help with teaching terms and genres.

Sometimes a fun game can reinforce these lessons. Here’s the kahoot that goes with the above power point.

Content in this lesson:


Our second ever power point is on topicality. This one gets a little long, so be prepared to be teaching fore more than the 10 or so minutes ‘the basics’ tends to take. This one would be at least 20-25 minutes, as some of the language needs to be explained.

Additional Content for Lesson:

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