Questions for week of 11/13/17


As Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands ask congress for recovery relief, what steps should be taken to prevent similar pitfalls in the future? 

Is a corporate tax cut really what the U.S. economy needs right now? 

With the release of the FBI's 2016 crime statistics, what does the rise in hate crimes last year mean for the future of the United States? 

How should America respond to the allegations made against Ray Moore? 


As world wide resistance to antibiotics continues to increase, what can the UN's World Antibiotics Awareness Week hope to accomplish? 

What does the rise in global carbon emmissions after a 5 year plataue mean for the future of business? 

What does Russia's intent to 'weaponize information' mean for the rest of Europe? 

How should Hati's president respond to the removal of UN peacekeepers after 13 years?