Questions for the Week of December 25th


In light of Roy Moore's loss in the Alabama Senate race, should Republicans alter their election strategy?

With the stealth-repeal of the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate, what does that mean for the future of healthcare in America?

With the tax-reform bill being unpopular among middle class voters, what can Republicans do to sell the bill to average Americans?

Looking forward to the 2018 midterms, what can Republicans do to ensure they remain in control of both chambers?

What specific issues should advisor Kellyanne Conway focus on as the administration's Opioid Czar?


With Russia continuing its social media operation to influence American voters, what should be done to limit the effects?

What can Britain and America do to rekindle their working relationship after the fallout from President Trump's retweet of anti-Muslim videos?

Should the international community be concerned with the Bolivian court's decision to get rid of term limits for presidents? 

What will their fall in immigration, and increase in emigration, mean for Britain as they navigate Brexit?