Week of April 17th


How does the State of New York joining the ranks of states offering free college tuition speak to the growing need for education reform in the United States? 

What does the rash of long-held republican seats being up for grabs spell for the future of the GOP? 

How does the GOP characterization of the ACA as 'on the verge of collapse' speak to the future of Health Care in the United States? 


How does the prospect of Canada's interest in breaking international drug law through it's draft of the Cannabis Act reflect a shift in international opinion on Marijuana? 

What does the discovery of work camps currently in operation mean for the future of the LBGT movement in Europe and beyond? 

How does the Turkish Defense Minister's visit to the White House to meet with Secretary Mattis going to affect the war on ISIS? 

This weeks' Triad 

As Vice President Pence meets with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, what do his words of "the Era of Strategic Patience is Over" mean for the future of the North Korean Nuclear programs?