Week of May 1st


How will President Trump's proposed cut to the corporate tax rate affect the United States economy? 

As President Trump looks to reexamine the land set aside by President Obama for new National Park allocation, should the National Park Service be worried about it's jurisdiction shrinking under the new administration? 

As technology improves, should Americans be fearful of the integration of technological advances into the American Legal System, as with the recordings from an Amazon Echo being used as evidence in an Oklahoma murder case? 

How will the tone of Trump's 100 day speech going to speak to the future of the American political climate? 


As more and more French companies are refiling their corporate standings to be designated as European corporations instead of French with the fear of a LePen leadership, should French citizens be worried about their future economic potential? 

What does the impending death sentence of the South Korean refugees in Beijing mean for the Kim Regime? 

What does the Turkish government gathering information on schools accused of being associated with the Gulen movement mean for the future of personal wire-taping and the constitutional rights of Turkish citizens? 

With the Montenegrin's unanimous decision to enter the ranks of NATO, what does tat mean for Montenegro's standing on the global stage?