Questions for the first week in July

I know we haven't been regular with our question releases post nationals, but once August rollls around we're in the throes of prepping for next year, we promise the questions will be coming regularly again. We hope you're enjoying your summer! 


Does the rescheduling of the Senate healthcare vote portend its doom?

Will the released video of a CNN employee talking about Trump's ties to Russia being a ratings ploy have any effect on how media in general is viewed? 

What does the Supreme Court's decision in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer mean for America's separation of church and state?


Was the EU justified in fining Google 2.4 billion euros for giving their price-comparison shopping service preferential treatment?

What response should England take in light of the Grenfell tower blaze?

Is impeachment imminent for Brazil's President Temer in light of bribery charges?