Questions for the week of September 4th


How should FEMA move forward on relief efforts as the total for Harvey's devastation reaches larger and larger numbers? 

With 6 months to react to DACA's removal by President Trump, what, if anything, should Congress do? 

In the wake of recent violence by members of ANTIFA and the KKK, what steps should the administration be taking?

What steps should the Secretary of Education be taking as the trend of online public schools continues to rise? 


As weapons testing by North Korea occurs with more frequency, what should the international response be? 

What steps need to be taken to help mend the divide between the European countries that house them and the Turks that have been displaced?

As violence increases in Latin American countries such as Venezuela, what does the global response to the rise in terrorism need to be? 

What do the increased protests against Islamaphobia in Europe mean for the future of religious intolerance?