Questions for the week of March 5th


If Mitt Romney successfully wins the Senate seat in Utah, will he be a help or hinderance to the President's agenda?

What are the biggest factors that will come in to play during the 2018 midterm elections?

As prominent Republicans protest the redrawing of Pennsylvania's congressional districts, what does this mean for the future of Republican control of the state?

Should the administration be concerned that North Korean officials pulled out of a planned meeting with Vice President Pence?

With Senator Feinstein failing to secure her party's nomination, what does this mean for progressives in the Democratic party?



Will Venezuela's creation of a new oil-backed digital currency called the "petro" raise enough funds to reverse their economic crisis?

What actions should newly inaugurated South African President Cyril Ramaphosa focus on first to begin repairing the country?

With the most recent abduction of schoolgirls in Nigeria by Boko Haram, should the international community step in to aid the government response?

Will Benjamin Netanyahu survive as Prime Minster of Israel?