Questions for the Week of February 12th


Will fiscally conservative Republicans be hurt in the midterms by their vote for the spending bill?

With large parts of rural Puerto Rico still without electricity, what steps should be taken by the administration to repair the island's infrastructure? 

As Ben Carson faces ethics charges for the no-bid Medicaid contract received by his daughter-in-law, what can Republicans do to mitigate the fallout? 

What effect will the spending bill have on America?

Was any damage done to the FBI by the release of the Republican memo?



With the recent public suicide of Casto's 68-year-old son, what should the Cuban government do to address suicide prevention on the island?

With protests on lifting presidential term limits reaching a crescendo in Ecuador, what does this mean for the future of corruption in this South American country? 

If Iran drops the requirement that women cover their heads in public, what does this mean for supporters of conservative Islam? 

What factors are causing the turbulence of the world's stock markets?