Questions for the Week of April 2nd


In light of the Austin package bombs, should new regulations be put on shipping companies?

Will Facebook be able to recover after recent issues involving their privacy policies?

Do Trump's new sanctions against Venezuela go far enough?

With Amazon eclipsing Google's parent company Alphabet to become the second-most-valuable listed company in the world, what does this mean for the tech industry?

Should the merger of AT&T and Time Warner be allowed?



With Myanmar's President Htin Kyaw resigning, what does this mean for Aung San Suu Kyi's influence over the government? 

What can be done to empower Nigerian women's education in the face of terrorism at the hand of Boko Haram?

What effect will the resignation of Peru's President have on corruption probes in Latin America?

With most members of the African Union signing an ambitious free-trade agreement, what does this mean for the continent?

Should the recent Presidential Election in Russia be investigated by the international community?