Questions for the Week of April 30th


Was the White House's insistence that America's Ambassador to the UN experienced "momentary confusion" regarding new sanctions against Russia the best approach to calm tensions with the country? 

As Comey does interview after interview promoting his new book, does he represent a real threat to President Trump or just a distraction?

What can President Trump do to win back farmers in the face of retaliatory tariffs placed on America's farm products by China?

Is the resurgence of suburbs at the cost of population decline in cities a good trend? 




Did the international community make the right call when it fired missiles in Syria for the government's use of chemical weapons against its people?

Will crown prince Muhammad bin Salman's efforts to modernize Saudi Arabia pay off for his country?

What effect will pay hikes for German public-sector workers have on their economy?

If Macedonia and Albania join the EU, will there be a tangible effect on the other member countries?

What does Raul Castro stepping down as President of Cuba mean for the country? 


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