Questions Covering Mid-to-Late Summer

With school now starting in several parts of the country, ForensicsU will be getting back on schedule with regular posting of extemp questions and impromptu quotations. Extemp questions will be released every Monday, and impromptu quotations every Wednesday.

To help get you up to speed on some issues that made the news from mid-July through mid-August, the questions below cover a range of issues. You could easily see questions relating to these topics into the next several months of competition.


What should be done to rectify the brain drain occurring in America’s national intelligence community?

How detrimental would European digital-services taxes be on American technology firms?

Which democrat running for president should lead the party in 2020?

Is Netflix’s reign as king of the streaming services coming to an end?

Should America try and mend relations with Turkey after its purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missiles?

Which issues should democratic candidates running for President be focusing on?

Is President Trump’s plan workable where asylum-seekers who have passed through another county on their way to America prove they applied for asylum in that county first?

Is President Trump’s strategy of making “the squad” the face of the Democratic party going to work as he hopes?

How should Puerto Rico’s government move forward after the resignation of Governor Rossello?

What can be done to stop the flow of high ranking Secretaries and officials from leaving the Trump White House?

Is the $5 billion dollar fine being levied on Facebook for their role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal “egregiously inadequate” as some Senators have said?

Was the Federal Reserve’s choice to cut interest rates the right move for America’s economy?


What should be done to help Uighurs being held in Chinese internment camps?

Should Angela Merkel step down as Chancellor of Germany for health reasons?

What does the death of Osama bin Laden’s son mean for al-Qaeda’s future?

What issues should Ursula von der Leyen focus on as new President of the European Commission?

Is Prime Minister Johnson’s approach to British affairs the correct direction for the Union?

What steps should be taken to alleviate the tension between South Korea and Japan?

Is there any hope for salvaging the Iran nuclear deal?

Should the international community be concerned about test missiles North Korea fired into the sea?

What should be done to tackle the Ebola epidemic?

Is China able to rely on domestic consumers as the trade war is badly affecting exports?

Should the Russian government release Alexei Navalny from prison?

What kind of actions should be taken to tackle jihadist violence in Africa?