extemp practice

Week of April 10th


Does the attack on Syria indicate a shift in American foreign policy? 

How are the protests regarding President Trump's deportation policy in the Southern United States going to affect public opinion regarding immigration reform?

As reports of in-fighting among White House factions grows, how will the reported meeting between Kushner and Bannon at Mar-a-lago this weekend at President Trump's behest affect the productivity of the Trump agenda? 

How will the California Supreme Court's decision to uphold the 745 ruling on requiring the purchase of solar credits by companies exceeding their pollution output going to affect the environmentalist movement in the United States? 


What does Ethiopia's entrance into the Space Race mean for the established space programs of South Africa and Nigeria? 

Is President Abdul Fahd's reaction to the attack on his country a measured and effective response?

What affect does the Malaysian report of 18 Rhino horns being smuggled from Mozambique going to have on public opinion regarding pouching and the international response? 

This Week's Triad

As China and South Korea pull together to discuss sanctions regarding North Korea's recent missile launch, how will the balance of power shift in Asia?