Each team has its own feeling, it’s own way of doing things, philosophy, and team dynamic. One thing that all teams have in common, though, all people have in common, is that sometimes motivation is a hard thing to come by.

Being motivated the week before national qualifiers: easy. Being motivated the week before nationals: easy. But there are quite a few in-between weeks in which working on things feels more like a ‘have-to’ than a ‘get-to.’ Staying motivated in those moments is what separates the finalists from the audience members.

Motivation is personal, and each of us come by it in different ways. Some reward themselves with Oreoes or a nap, others deny themselves sweets or video game time. Some picture the reward, or the disappointment of not getting there. Still others get their motivation externally, knowing that telling a coach or parent that something is going to get done is the best way to make sure that the follow through is there.

If anyone has any tips for staying motivated even during the weeks that it doesn’t seem all that important to keep moving towards the goal, please feel free to comment below.

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