nats prep

6 weeks from Nationals

I know it seems like we all just qualified yesterday, but here we are, just over 6 weeks from nationals. Emotions are running high, low, and in between, depending on the type of students and coaching staff that are preparing for this year's competition. 

With 6 weeks out, it's time to think about perspective. Ask yourself a few questions that might help you on your quest to getting better at this forensics thing: 

  1. What did you learn this year? Whether you are a competitor, coach, or parent, there is probably something that you learned. Did you notice book work that was cleaner, or hear about a philosopher that was new to you, or hear an argument or message that really made you think? 
  2. Ask yourself how you can incorporate the new things you learned into your practices, coaching, and presenting. Did a concept make you question the box you had put yourself in? Did an argument reach you in a way you hadn't thought of before? And, if so - how is can you emulate that? How can you make your message resonate with your audience members? 
  3. Ask yourself how you're feeling. Are you nervous, excited, ambivalent? Are you remembering that this is supposed to be a fun learning experience? Are you sharing your thoughts and feelings with your teammates, so that you may all grow together? 

Taking a short time to reevaluate why we're here, and how we're going to continue to improve, and learn, and grow might seem to take up time that we simply don't have right now. But, taking stock, and reexamining, this is what makes us better. This is how we improve, and this is how we win.