Week of May 8th

We've decided to begin a weekly tongue teaser! We know that prepping and keeping your enunciation and practices fresh are the key to wanting to continue to do them week after week. So, we're here to hopefully help with that a bit.

This week we're beginning with one of our favorites. This was one that I used to practice with when I competed, oh, let's just say a couple years ago ;)

Cinnamon. Aluminum. Linoleum. Petroleum.

This is a good one because it warms up almost all the muscles in your mouth and jaw, and gets them ready for the day. It's good to do this one even on a non-competition day, to just get you ready for the talking ahead. Think of it in the same way as getting out of bed in the morning and stretching your arms above your head. It just gets everything moving, and starts you on your way.   

Say it 3 times. Ennunciating the words every time.