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Welcome to 4n6U, we're hoping to become a catch-all for all things related to high school forensics. Currently under construction, we'd love any feedback you might have. Comments can be left here.

Welcome to Forensics University, a resource for those interested in learning about Speech and Debate, competing in Speech and Debate, or recently got interested because they thought they were looking up stuff on Forensic Science. We are a free resource, so that anyone seeking knowledge on the subject might benefit. However, if you're enjoying our resources, and are interested in us staying up-to-date, please feel free to make a donation

If you'd like to learn more, here is where you can find out about us, who we are, and why we're doing this.


Weekly Warm-Up:

We know the importance of keeping your practice routine fresh, so that it doesn't lag. Here's where you can get new ideas to put in your rotation. Plus, stronger speaking muscles and performances will follow if you actually follow through on regular exercise for your mouth and jaw (a muscle is a muscle, even in the mouth and jaw).

Don't Drop the G!  

Clicking on the warm-up of the week will explain it's importance, or which muscles it concentrates on. 

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Quotation of the Week:

Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need some expert advice
— unknown

Have a great quotation about speech, communication, or even speech and debate? We'd love to put it on the site. email it to Quotation@4n6u.org, and we'll let you know when it makes it into the rotation!

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Our Resources

We have resources for Students, Coaches, and Parents. Certain content is updated every week, and others are things that remain, such as handouts, event descriptions, and lists of colleges and universities that have forensics teams. If you seek anything that you might not find here, please let us know, we'd love to add it! 

Here's a link to our weekly blog, where we discuss thoughts as the forensics year moves through it's many twists and turns. Many of the blog ideas come from your comments, so please feel free to make notes!

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