Questions for the Week of January 15th


Now that Trump's presidency is one year old, what adjustments should be made to help facilitate more successes for the administration? 

What steps should the Federal Government be taking to help prevent future natural disasters like the mudslides devastating the California coast? 

What does the rise in student loan defaults say about the American education system and how it needs to move forward? 

Does the federal court ruling that North Carolina needs to redraw its congressional districts to avoid unconstitutional gerrymandering mean changes for other states too? 


Was Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos' decision to suspend peace talks with guerrilla group ELN the right move?

What is the future of the Iran nuclear deal? 

Are the talks between North and South Korea a sign of actual progress, or should the world community be skeptical? 

Is Poland's new Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki the best person to lead the country?