Questions for the week of January 8th


How should Americans be reacting to activism at awards shows such as the Golden Globes? 

As the new session ramps up, which issues should Congress be prioritizing? 

As domestic drilling continues, what kinds of precautions can be taken to avoid the risk of landslides and flooding such that is currently being battled in Washington State? 

What kinds of effects will a shift to a cashless system in retail establishments have on the American economy? 


How can Canada begin to curb the overload of refugee's on it's already taxed system? 

What can Merkel do to ensure that her government gets formed during the second round? 

What steps can be taken to bring Palestine back to the negotiating table? 

In the wake of Mexico's 7.1 magnitude earthquake hitting Mexico City, what steps need to be taken towards prevention of a future calamity? 

What does the legitimization of bitcoin mean for the international economy?