Questions Asked During Catholic Forensics League National Tournament

Questions Answered by Competitors in Finals:

•Since passing the Fair Sentencing Act in 2010, has justice been served in the US?

•Are term limits the answer to change Washington?

•Does Presidential power concerning terrorism need to be limited?

•What is behind the cultural phenomenon of Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

•On the 40th anniversary of the war on drugs, have drug laws evolved into a war on communities of color?

•What changes are needed in state juvenile confinement decisions?


Questions from prelims:

•Will 3D printers change the shape of manufacturing in the future?

•Is President Trump's foreign policy better characterized as deviation from global norms or as aligned with emerging global norms?

•How prepared are the world's central banks to face the next recession?

•Will the Trump administration's decisions on trade help or harm the US economy over the long term?

•Are individualized cancer treatments a real or false hope for patients?

•Is Nikki Haley an effective Ambassador to the United Nations?

•Should paid paternal leave be a right or a perk in the workplace?

•In which industries should the US try to compete with China?