Questions for the Week of June 11th


With Senator Dianne Feinstein surviving the crowded jungle primary in California, what does this mean for incumbents come November?

What does the 7-2 decision in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission mean for the equality of same sex couples?

Were shareholders at Tesla right to keep Elon Musk as Chairman?

What does the retirement of David Koch from politics mean for conservative candidates?

How can President Trump help improve the health insurance market?



After waiting such a long time for a government to form, is Giuseppe Conte the best choice for Prime Minister of Italy?

What can President Daniel Ortega do to calm protests against him in Nicaragua? 

Should the international community be worried about Iran building new nuclear centrifuges? 

Will the new government in Spain be better or worse for the Catalan region?

Can the new Italian government really provide both tax cuts and an increase in government benefits?