XT Q's from Tournament on January 26, 2019 (Post 1 of 4)

Post 1 of 4: Questions relating to United States Politics

Did Representative Rashida Tahib’s use of profanity in public hurt the Democratic Party?

Would the profanity used by Rashida Tahib in reference to President Trump have been viewed differently if used by a male member of Congress?

Why has Alexandria Ocasio Cortez received more attention than any other freshman member of Congress?

Can William Barr be trusted to be appropriately transparent with the results of the Mueller investigation? 

Should Representative Steve King resign?

Is the anticipated large field of seekers for the Democratic Presidential nomination a good thing for the Democratic Party?

Is Trump’s base eroding significantly?

How can the Republican party change it’s branding from the party of the “White Male”?

Of people not already convicted, who has the most to fear from the Mueller investigation?

Are the Democrats moving too far to the left?

Other than Trump and McConnell, who is the most influential member of the Republican Party?

Who is most likely to succeed Nancy Pelosi as the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives?

Was there a better alternative to Pelosi and Schumer sharing a podium in the Democratic response to the President’s Oval Office address?

If there is a GOP primary challenge to President Trump, is it most likely to come from his left or his right?