XT Q's from Tournament on January 26, 2019 (Post 2 of 4)


Do shows like “Real Time With Bill Maher” and “Last Week Tonight” affect US voter behavior?

Was the coverage of the Covington High School student incident ultimately fair?

Is it essential for Facebook to increase public trust in its information security practices or is Facebook so imbedded in culture that it doesn’t really matter?

How can news media outlets increase public trust in the accuracy of their reports?

Why is the Fox News viewer base so fiercely loyal?

Where do people who say they mistrust media get most of their information?

Is real time fact checking a realistic expectation from the media?

Is investigation of wrongdoing of a public official justified, even if the original source of the accusation is questionable?

If President Trump’s tweets are already widely-read, does media coverage of them serve any purpose?

Will media coverage be more helpful or harmful for women seeking the Presidency?

How can the media be motivated to value being accurate over being first?

Do Facebook’s apologies for data mismanagement ring hollow now?

Is Buzzfeed a credible news source?