XT Q's from Tournament on January 26, 2019 (Post 3 of 4)


Is the US government shutdown good news for Russia?

What are Putin’s primary goals for Russia?

What is the best plan to minimize the effectiveness of Russian efforts to influence US elections?

What is the biggest threat that China poses to US interests?

How should Canada respond to the latest tensing of relations with China?

What is the best response to China’s treatment of Christians in that nation?

Has the status of women in India changed significantly in recent years?

Will testy relations between Canada and China have any significant impact on the world’s political climate?

Does Putin have any leverage on President Trump?

Can the LBGTQ community be protected from violence in Russia and Asia?

Are Russia and the NRA too cozy?

Will Ukraine continue to exist as a nation?

What latest trend in Japan is most likely to migrate to the US?

Why is North Korea less present in the news than a year ago?