National Forensics Association National Tournament Extemp Questions, Round 1

In honor of ToC which starts today, 4n6u will be posting questions that college competitors received during the NFA National Tournament held in Santa Ana, California from April 18-22. These were questions given to speakers during round 1.

How will the Supreme Court rule regarding questions of citizenship status on the census?

Will states be able to successfully lobby Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos for student loan servicing reform?

Is Joe Biden still the most likely person to win the Democratic nomination for President?

What can the federal government do to fight Russian influence in elections?

Will the push to end the electoral college be successful?

Should Big Pharma be held legally liable for the opioid crisis?

What further steps can Joe Biden take to rehabilitate his image with respect to sexual harassment?

Is Medicare For All too big a step for the American people to embrace?

Will Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt face consequences for accusations of continued lobbying despite his appointment?

How will the departure of Kirstjen Nielsen as Secretary of Homeland Security impact US immigration policies?

Can Pete Buttegieg sustain his wave of popularity into the presidential primary season?

Should democrats fight for the public release of an unredacted version of the Mueller report?

How should democrats talk about the Affordable Care Act while running for office in 2020?

The First Step Act: boon or bane for proponents of private prison reform?

Is the USDA in bed with the pork industry?

What reforms to the FAA are needed to make air travel safer?

Will any major democratic candidate come out in favor of slavery reparations? 

Will the Trump Administration’s efforts to deter asylum seekers from entering the US have lasting consequences?

What steps should the Federal Government take to further protect the power grid?

Can President Trump succeed in resuming his prior policy of family separation at the Mexican border?

Are the democrats being politically naive by eschewing large donors?