National Forensics Association National Tournament Extemp Questions, Round 3

College extemp competitors received the following questions during the NFA National Tournament held in Santa Ana, California from April 18-22. These questions were given to speakers during round 3.

Should the US support the Arakan Army in its fight against Myanmar?

Can Latin America’s Northern Triangle successfully lobby the international community for aid, post-US withdrawal?

Why hasn’t the US been successful in leading peace talks in Afghanistan?

Will Bibi Netanyahu’s promise to annex portions of the West Bank force a change in Trump administration strategy toward Middle East peace?

Is the US doing enough to protect against space-based attacks?

How are US immigration policies impacting Mexico’s immigration system?

Is the US-Taiwan security relationship still a good idea for the US to maintain?

Should the United States disengage from Yemen?

How can the United States influence Turkey to pursue a more democratic path without sacrificing the countries’ strategic alliance?

Is it time for the US to reassess the level of military aid it is sending to Egypt?

Can the US pressure China enough to meaningfully address the plight of Uighur muslims being detained in the country?

How should the US respond to Russian claims that they have developed hypersonic missile technology?

Is the renewal of US sanctions on Zimbabwe justified?

Is the US any closer to a peace deal with North Korea now than it was before President Trump took office?

How should President al-Sisi of Egypt react to Congress’ allegations of silencing political dissent?

Are US airstrikes against alleged terrorist targets in Africa beneficial to US security interests?

Should the US recognize the International Criminal Court?

What does the growing partisan divide over US policy toward Israel mean for US-Israeli relations?

Has the United States missed its opportunity to oust Maduro from Venezuela?

Has National Security Advisor John Bolton gone too far in his criticism of Theresa May’s ongoing Brexit negotiations?

How, if at all, should the UN respond to the US revoking the visa of ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda?