As the School Year winds down

As the school year winds down, we know that student (and coach) minds begin to wander. We start thinking about our summer vacations, having the free time to read whatever we want (even though we all know that only lasts the first week before we're picking up debate philosophy, or prose cuttings), and generally being 'off' from speech and debate. 

This activity is different than others, in that our season is just so very long. We begin in September or October, and our nationals are not until the end of May or June (depending on which one you attend). Because of the length, while we love it, there are moments in which we start to feel a little...burnt out. That first Saturday off after a long haul, that practice that got canceled because of spring break, these are moments we feel a little guilty for enjoying. We start to look toward the summer. And, we need that recharge. Our students need that recharge. And, our teams need that recharge. 

Keeping focused in these last few weeks is difficult, but necessary. We're still prepping students for nationals, while also managing and encouraging those that might not have made it this year. Our focus is split between practices, travel prep for the tournament, finals, and the draw of the warm weather outside. 

Just remember, that if you didn't have moments of your mind wandering beyond the forensics-sphere right now, you'd be way more likely to burn yourself out. Think about finals. Think about Prom, and, in some other moments, think about forensics. 

The best part about this activity is that it brings together so many different viewpoints and ideas. Enjoying that we got to learn about those different concepts is what makes us great competitors and coaches. Taking the time to think about what we learned from a non-forensics point of view is what makes us great learners.