Why We're Here

As forensics educators, we started to notice something. We saw that administrators (who very often need a little cajoling to loosen the budget strings) seemed to be getting less and less susceptible to the pleas of forensics programs around the country. 

Programs thrive and deplete all the time - we know this. Coaches retire, budgets get cut, student interest wanes, but also, sometimes, students fight for a new program, a new team is formed, and new budget allocations are made. 

We wanted to help that rotating door be a little smoother. Through all of the resources we're freely providing on our site, we're hoping that student-run programs might have a little less in the form of hoops to jump through. Maybe coaches (who are over worked, no administrator that has never done forensics truly understands the time commitment this activity is) might have an easier time of it, if they aren't looking as ardently for resources, they're right here. Maybe parents, who often aren't sure what forensics is, might be inspired to help out. The more volunteers this activity has, the more it will thrive. 

So, that's why Forensics University exists. We wanted a place to help these issues smooth out. We are trying to cover as many bases as possible, and be a resource for as many people and programs as possible. We're always happy to bring on contributors, and hope that, through our efforts, a few programs might have a little easier time of it. 

We're all in this forensics thing together. This site isn't easy, or quick. It's meant to be a life line, it has to be tough, and thorough. We wouldn't be donating our own time and money into this site if we weren't hopeful that it helps you or someone like you. 

Thank you for checking us out. We mean it. Really. If you need a hand, ask. That's why we're here.