The end of the school year

As if the end of the forensics season wasn't hard enough, the end of the school year comes with a huge array of memories, nostalgia, and excitement. Even for those of us teaching or taking summer school, or with jobs that don't take summers off, the change in the season and the children and young adults out and about during the day change our perspective on things. 

Perspective is a concept that comes up a lot this time of year. The perspective of parents, students, and coaches is supremely different. Each milestone and reaction shifts, depending on the person experiencing it. There's usually a mix of pride, trepidation, and excitement, but the ratio shifts a bunch depending on the perspective. 

As we go through all these different, sometimes trying times, let's keep in mind that there are other perspectives of each situation, and that taking a beat to understand them can make each one richer, fuller, and rife with education.